TIips on moving your belongings to a storage unit in Athens Greece.

Moving your furniture to a storage unit is a stressful process .
We would like to offer our insight from our many years of experience at
in renting storage units in Athens Greece to alieviate some of the pressure .

1) Start packing for the storage unit in Athens as early as possible

Use boxes and suitcases for storage of your personal belongings preferably a month before moving to
not necessary on an everyday basis for ex decortative items,books,dvd etc
Find empty boxes outside stores to avoid buying them .
We advise against using plastic bags for storage of your belongings as they take up more space

2) Pack similar storage items in each box

for ex.cutlery,books,decorative items etc
This will assist you immensely when you move to your new address after storage at
Use blankets and clothes to wrap breakable items fore ex glasses,plates etc
You have a threefold gain
– protection of fragile goods
– avoid the cost of buying packaging bubble
-reduce the volume of the storage unit required

3) Write what each storage  box  contains

Valuable information when you move to your new address from your  storage unit at
You will place each box in the right area of the house when you first move in.

4) Packing your goods in the van for your storage unit 

The first items to go in the van are those you will need while in storage
for example Christmas decorations ,athletic equipment ,rugs etc
They will be the last off the truck and you will have easy access in your storage unit .
At you have daily access to your self storage unit.

5) Choose a storage facility at a central location in Athens Greece 

By renting a storage unit at in Ilioupoli in the center of Athens
you have access within half an hour from anywhere in Athens .
Especially well suited for furniture storage in the Southern suburbs of Athens
furniture storage in Dafni,furniture storage in Ilioupoli,furniture storage in Karea,furniture storage in Imitto,furniture storage in Virona,furniture storage in Ag Dimitrio.
Avoid the high transportation cost of storage facilities in isolated parts of Attiki with  the high of  possibility of  theft
Also the difficult access if you need something from your self storage unit .

6) Choose a self storage unit in a brick and mortar building in Athens Greece 

At your storage unit is well protected from the weather in a clean building without humidity .
Most storage facilities in Attiki are in prefabricated metal structures that boil in the summer and freeze in the winter.

We hope you choose for your storage needs in Athens Greece .

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