Storage unit -moving abroad or to another part of Greece

Furniture storage moving abroad or to another part of  Greece

If you are temporarily moving aborad or to another part of Greece
all roads lead to furniture storage at

The cost of transporting your belongings to our central location at Ilioupoli
is far lower than to a storage facility in a remote location in Attiki
If you have friends to help you can even bring your belonging in 2-3 short trips
and avoid the transportation cost alltogether! our brick and mortar building is well maintained,clean without even a hint of humidity
in a populated area with bars on the windows for greater safety.
Most storage facilities are made of prefabricated metal that boils in the summer and freezes in the winter
in remote locations in Attiki susceptible to theft .

If you don’t know the size of storage unit you will need we will calculate the storage rental
based on the volume when you store your belongings.

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