Greek Taxation Office Business Headquarters

The Greek Taxation office requires you to declare the headquarters of  your business venture in Athens Greece  for freelancers,startups,businesses, technicians , professionals etc

It is compulsory your business address to be other than your residence in Athens .The taxation office is entitled to visit the business premises and impose steep fines if this requirement is violated.You must declare an independent closed space as your business headquarters.By submitting the rental lease  you are then entitled to a Greek VAT number to initiate your business endeavor .

At we have the perfect solution for rental of  inexpensive storage unit – business address  in Athens !

Business headquarters rental of your 6 cubic meter storage unit at only €55,00 per month all inclusive price !We provide ample parking at a central location in Athens Greece .We sign a rental lease so you can immediately set up your business venture in Athens Greece.

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